Do you feel safe on the internet?

"Fraud losses on UK-issued cards totaled £567.5 million in 2015"

As technology evolves there will always be security holes as we as ordinary people cannot always keep up with technology advancements. In the next 10 years, technology is predicted to be a thousand times more advanced than today and your operative system's updates are not enough to keep you safe.

Think of your computer as your home where you keep all your important personal information, would you want someone going through your personal information? If it is reasonable to get home security to keep your belongings safe, would it not also be reasonable to get internet security to keep your personal information safe?


Is there a reason to be scared of hackers?

A recent poll in the Huffington post has found that over 69 percent of Americans worry "frequently" or "occasionally" that computer hackers will steal their credit card information from either their own online banking or from retail stores they have shopped at. Nowadays it is easy to become a target as the online world is getting more and more advanced with being able to order and buy things over the internet through the click of a button, but anyone can become a target by anything as simple as clicking the wrong link or downloading the wrong file. That's why Antivirus is a must for anyone looking to advance into the world of technology today. You never know who could be waiting for you to click that wrong link or download that wrong file.

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