How does a virus get into your computer?

People tend to believe that they have been careful and they would know if a virus was on their computer but did you know that the BBC news reported that in 2008 there were over 1,122,311 different kinds of viruses? Today it would be hard to track just how many there are as there are over 60,000 new strands of viruses created each day each modified ever so slightly just to make it easier to get into your computer. You can never be too careful as it isn’t easy for the naked eye to see what is and isn’t safe on the internet. A virus can take many forms, from a simple computer game you may have downloaded for the kids to a speed optimization app you downloaded to help the PC out. People tend to avoid certain parts of the internet as they feel it might not be safe. Here at Chili Security, we don’t want you to have to miss out on certain parts of the internet because when you open the link there are too many pop-ups or because it keeps redirecting you to another page as those are potential virus threats. With Chili security we want our customers to feel safe so that you may browse freely without the worry of opening the wrong link as our antivirus block any access to infected links.


How do you find and remove a virus?

Chili Securities Antivirus scans your system on its own with the all new auto-pilot function and removes viruses for you without those annoying pop-ups constantly asking what action should be taken. Our active threat control is a behavioral threat technology that acts as an additional protective layer with its constant monitoring of active programs and then tagging suspicious activities.

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