The future looks like a future full of malware

Malware in the future

In 1995 only 1% of the world population had access to the internet, today that number is over 40%. With more people having access to the internet it means there will be more hackers and thus more targets for the hackers as more and more people are moving to technology. With more people using technology viruses can spread faster which means that we are very vulnerable if we don’t protect ourselves with a proper antivirus.


Why are the hackers targeting you?

There could be a long list of reasons as to why a hacker might be targeting you, but the most common reason is that they want to monetize your personal information. This personal information could be anything from your banking login details, your credit card information from online purchases or even a copy of your passport or drivers license that you could have scanned and uploaded to your computer to send to a friend or use for business. All it takes is one wrong click and all this information can be accessed and used without your knowledge.





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