What is a double-sided firewall?

Why have a firewall?

A firewall is one of the main cornerstones of any network security strategy. Think of the firewall as the electronic equivalent of a sentry at the gate of your computer. It inspects all incoming and outgoing data to the network ensuring that the traffic is legitimate. When properly configured, a firewall should allow you to access all needed resources whilst still keeping out any malicious users or programs. Our Chili Security Family Pack and Internet Security both come with a two-way firewall which offers an even more secure browsing experience.

One-way firewall

Blocks everything not considered safe coming from the internet, unless you allow it. If you do get infected by malware, you need a proper antivirus.  This was enough to protect yourself in the early days, but now some malware infects your computer and stays there for a long time and that is a potential threat.

Two-way firewall (Double-sided)

The two-way firewall comes to the rescue. A two-way firewall protects you both from threats from the outside and threats from the inside. If you are already infected by malware, you can become the victim of an attack in the future. This could be an attack that collects your personal information.

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