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Small Business Security

  • Full computer and internet security service
  • Express business support
  • Award for “Best protection”
  • Award for “Best performance”
  • Protects against adware, malware, spyware, trojan and other viruses
  • All computers, both Mac and Windows

Computer security for business

Computer security and endpoint protection are extremely important for businesses. The PC itself should be secured but also the external connections it makes with networks. Because external cyber security threats can easily access your pc data. For a complete computer and web security, a 2-way firewall protection is necessary. If your business computer connects with an external server, your permission will be necessary. So all the outgoing data will be protected so that all data on your computer is secure. You don’t have to worry anymore about online privacy and important business data that can be found.

Internet security suite for business

The Small Business Security software combines the best Windows and Mac antivirus with internet security. Its engine has been awarded 3 years for “Best protection” and “Best performance”. The two-way firewall protects all your external connections. It prevents unauthorized access to company data that should be secured, an unlimited privacy protection. Our Chili Security protection team will give you all the instructions for an optimal security protection. As a professional user, you also have priority support. This means you jump automatically to the front of the support.

  • Complete internet and computer security for business
  • The software is elected 3 years in a row as "Best Protection" in PC Magazine
  • The software is elected 3 years in a row as "Best Performance" by AV-TEST
  • Continuous protection for your computer and connection with the internet
  • Double 2-way firewall for the protection of every network connection
  • Business data privacy
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