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PC Help

  • 24/7 PC help
  • Hardware and software problems
  • Remote computer support
  • No more pc problems
  • Unlimited support

Remote computer support solutions

Remote computer support solutions for all your software and hardware problems 24/7. This is what Chili Security’s PC Help is all about. We’ve all had that moment when you need to print something urgent but your printer is not working. At that same moment you can’t reach the guy who always helps you with your pc problems. What if we can offer you 24 7 support for your pc problems so you don’t have to stress anymore? Problems with your printer, usb device, router or all other hardware. But also software problems like installing programs, problems with Word, your e-mail and of course virus protection. Even if your computer is slow and you want to know how to make it faster, you can just give us a call. Our local support team is ready for a remote computer repair whenever you want it.

  • Fix your pc problems fast by remote computer support
  • Contact our Chili support team 24 hours a day
  • This support is unlimited
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