About Chili Security

Chili Security’s founding is based on the simple matter of making your online navigation safer. Our goal is to protect you against hostile online attacks and at the same time keep your devices free of harm. We care about your well being and identity, and we take great pride in protecting you without you noticing nor being disturbed by it.

The company name derives from the world’s strongest fruit, the chili, as its values strongly reflect those of this company. A chili contains capsaicin, which has both a protective and healing power, leaving for a much stronger immune system.

Chili Security’s driving force is made of the chili fruit’s characteristics and properties. More precisely its signal color, strength, healing cabilities, attitude, renomé, and its power. As people and as a company, our core values and characteristics are much aligned and mirrored with those of the chili. It is to no surprise that we therefore see Chili, like an armoured soldier ready to defend what’s his, as a good metaphor for Chili Security.

The soldier’s task is to spot danger, and know how to properly defend in the case of hostile attacks. As such, he is fully equipped and armed. In his capacity as a defender of his domain, his shield becomes his primary equipment. Much the same, our defender is armoured with an impenetrable Chili-armour that serves to both repel and deter enemies. We call this the “Power to Protect”.


Chili Security ApS
Vindegade 72-74, 2.
DK-5000  Odense C
CVR: 35841865
US Phone: (+1) 607 698 0 444
DK Phone: (+45) 70 60 50 41
ES Phone: (+34) 911 982 109
SE Phone: (+46) 108 848 912
E-mail: info@chilisecurity.com
Chili Security ApS · Vindegade 72-74, 2. · DK-5000 Odense C · Denmark · VAT No.: 35841865 · Phone: (+1)-347-338-6-341 · E-mail: customer@chilisecurity.com