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Chili Security is your computer safety guarantee, and we are here whenever you need us. Get allround/complete protection with just one solution. 

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We know how hard it can be to keep your computer's security up-to-date, which is why we are only a call away at any time. We help anyone!

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Chili Security

Chili Security is a prize-winning antivirus software that with its two-way firewall provides you with high antivirus protection on your computer, smartphone and tablet.
  • Best in test
  • Online banking protection
  • Discrete parental control
  • Two-way firewall
  • Cancel your subscription any time
  • Free technical support to set up the software
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Chili Help

With Chili PC Help you can solve your PC problems at any time without having to interfere friends and family - and without having to wait for them to help.
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  • Contact Chili Support Team at all times
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Chili Security

With Chili Internet Security your device is protected with just one click, 
and it prevents unauthrorised access to your private information using dual firewall. 

Chili Security offer modern antivirus solutions for your computer. With our products, your device is protected with just one click, and it prevents unauthrorised access to your private information using a dual firewall. The autopilot-function ensures that you are always updated against the latest types of viruses. This is a great advantage, enabling you to avoid having to run updates yourself. We help protect your computer. When you buy a product - whether it is our SECURITY, PC HELP or CLOUD - you have free setup included in the price, to ensure that you won't have to deal with it yourself.

If your computer is slow, you can have it optimized, making it as good as new - no matter if you run Windows or macOS. We optimize it by removing digital dust and filth, and thereby making it run faster. Is your printer not working, do you have problems with your email or Facebook, or is your computer lacking, never hesitate to contact us.  We do troubleshooting and repairs via remote control, and are only one call away at any time. Our support is as good as your local it-guy, and significantly cheaper. Furthermore we offer the world's best cloud-service. Our online hard drive has numerous advanced functions and makes it easy to share files with friends and family. When you save your files in the cloud, you will never lose a file or important document again.