Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

This privacy policy regards any service offered by Chili Security and Chili Security for Android.

When you use the services and programs offered by Chili Security, you, the customer, deliver a series of different information including personal data to Chili Security. This data is gathered, registered and processed by Chili Security.

When you use the services and programs offered by Chili Security, you accept this privacy policy, as well as the fact that Chili Security processes the customer's personal data to the extent necessary to deliver the services and programs, the costumer requires. 

Chili Security are obliged to respect the provisions applicable for the processing of personal data, including collection, use, storing, sharing and protection of such data.


How does Chili Security store personal data?

Chili Security will exclusively process personal data in accordance with this privacy policy and Chili Security's general Terms and Conditions.

All personal data is stored safely and in accordance with sufficient security measures. Such security measures are regularly controlled to ensure the rights of the customer.

Why does Chili Security process personal data?

The customer's purchase of services and programs from Chili Security is considered to be an instruction from the customer for Chili Security to process the necessary personal data in order to be able to deliver contractual services and programs.  

The gathered personal data by Chili Security will primarily be used to complete payments for such services and programs.

Chili Security only process personal data for above purposes.

If the customer has given their explicit consent to receive direct marketing including news, offers, etc. from Chili Security, Chili Security will furthermore use the collected information to target the marketing specifically to the customer. 

When the costumer sends an email to, or communicates with Chili Security in any other way, the customer simultaneously grants permission for Chili Security to store such inquiries with the purpose of storing the information as well as improving Chili Security's services. 

Which personal data does Chili Security Process?

To complete the payment of services and programs offered by Chili Security, Chili Security collects the customer’s name (a contact person in the situation, where the customer is a company), address, phone number, email addresses, as well as other contact information and credit card information, which is used for invoice. 

When the customer uses Chili Security's website, several server log files are registered, which among other things can contain information about IP-addresses, browser types, browser language and time and date of the request. This information can be used to identify the customer's browser. 

Who does Chili Security share personal data with?

The personal data about the customer will only be passed on to third parties or subcontractors of services if it is necessary for Chili Security to offer the required services and programs to the customer. 

The approach to personal data is limited to employees at Chili Security and subcontractors, who - as a part of their terms of employment or delivery of services to Chili Security - must have access to the personal data in the case in question. All such employees or subcontractors are subject to confidentiality or a data processing agreement. 

What are my rights as a customer?

If a customer wishes to gain insight into the personal data processed by Chili Security, the customer can contact Chili Security via email at

If any personal data is registered falsely, or if the customer has other objections regarding the processing of personal data, the customer can contact Chili Security via email at and ask for the personal data to be corrected, blocked or deleted. 

The customer has the right to access their own personal data processed by Chili Security, as well as the right to ask for a copy of all their personal data, that Chili Security are processing or is going to process. In such cases the customer shall contact Chili Security via email at and request access to, or a copy of, the personal data.

When is the personal data deleted?

When the customer purchases services and programs from Chili Security, Chili Security needs the customer's personal information as documentation, until the service is paid and delivered, just as Chili Security may need to store personal data for tax reasons etc. When there no longer exists a purpose for the processing of the personal data, they will be deleted. 

If the customer is subscribed to Chili Security's newsletter or if the customer has consented to Chili Security's use of the customer's personal data for marketing purposes, the customers personal data will be stored for two years after the customer has stopped using such services. 


Chili Security reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. However, the customer's rights will never be decreased without the customer's prior written consent.


Chili Security uses data collection technology in certain programs or products to improve the products and provide related services. This may involve collecting technical information, including suspect files, to adapt the products and prevent unlicensed or illegal use of the product or damages resulting from malware products. By using the product, you agree that Chili Security may use such information to provide services and prevent malware programs from running on your computer.

By accepting this Agreement, you acknowledge and agree that the security technology used can scan traffic in an impersonal mode to detect malware and prevent damages resulting from malware products. You also acknowledge and agree that Chili Security may provide updates or additions to the program or product which automatically download to your computer. By accepting this Agreement, you agree to upload executable files for the purpose of being scanned by Chili Security servers.

To contract and use the program, you may have to provide certain personal data to Chili Security. Chili Security will treat your personal data in accordance with its Privacy Policy, which is established in compliance with applicable legislation.

Chili Security may collect certain information from the computer on which its product is installed, including information about potential security risks and URLs of visited websites that Chili Security identifies as potentially fraudulent. These URLs may contain personal identifiable information that a potentially fraudulent website is attempting to gather without your consent. This information is collected by Chili Security to evaluate and improve its ability to identify and prevent malicious behavior, potentially fraudulent websites, and other security risks on the internet. The collected information will not be linked to any personally identifiable information.

If you activate the toolbar function on your browser, Chili Security may collect information such as the URLs of visited websites, search words, and search results. This information is collected to evaluate and provide advice on potential threats and risks associated with a specific website before you access it.

- Chili Security may collect executable files that are suspected of being malware, including information about the actions taken by these files at the time of installation. These files will be sent to Chili Security via the automatic submission feature of the Chili Security product. The collected files may contain personal identifiable information obtained by the malware without your consent. Chili Security collects this information solely to improve its ability to detect malicious behavior and will not associate it with personal identifiable information. You can deactivate the automatic submission feature by following the instructions in the product documentation.

- Chili Security may collect information about the installation and operation status of the Chili Security product, such as whether the installation was successful or if the product encountered an error. This information may include personal identifiable information if it is contained in a file or folder found by the Chili Security product during installation or when an error occurs. Chili Security collects this information to evaluate and improve the performance and success rate of the Chili Security product, and it will not be correlated with personal identifiable information.

- The Chili Security product may collect information from emails you send to report spam or misidentified spam. These emails may contain personal identifiable information and will only be sent to Chili Security with your explicit permission, not automatically. If you choose to send such messages, Chili Security may use them to improve the antispam technology. Chili Security will not correlate this information with any other personal identifiable information.

- The Chili Security product may also collect information in a report that you can choose to send to Chili Security when encountering a problem. The report includes status information about the Chili Security product and your computer at the time of the problem. This status information may include the system language, operating system version, processor information, performance data, and data from open files and folders at the time of the problem.

Chili Security may collect information when you choose to report a problem encountered while using Chili Security products. This information may include the name of open files or folders at the time of the problem, which may contain personal identifiable information. However, Chili Security will not collect this information automatically, and will only do so with your explicit permission. The purpose of collecting this information is to improve and correct the performance of Chili Security products. Chili Security will not correlate this information with typical problems or personal identifiable information.

Chili Security may collect the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer where its product is installed, as well as other general statistical information, solely for the purposes of license administration, product analysis, and improving product functionality. This information will not be correlated with any personal identifiable information.

This section states that the collected information is necessary to optimize the functionality of Chili Security's products and may be transferred to Chili Security in the USA or other countries with less protective data protection laws than the region where the user is located (including the EU). However, Chili Security has taken precautions to ensure that the collected information receives an appropriate level of protection if transferred.

This section describes Chili Security's policy on cooperating with legal processes, law enforcement, and other government investigations in relation to the use of their product. Chili Security may share information with research organizations and other security software suppliers to promote awareness, disclosure, and prevention of security risks on the internet. Chili Security can also use statistics derived from the collected information to track and publish reports on security risk tendencies. By using the product, the user agrees that Chili Security can collect, transfer, store, pass on, and analyze such information for these purposes. The user must ensure that the data provided is true and accurate and must inform Chili Security of any changes to this data. The user has the right to object to the processing of any data that is not essential for the execution of the agreement and to its use for any purpose other than the maintenance of the contractual relationship.

This section states that if you provide the personal details of a third party, Chili Security will not be responsible for obtaining their consent or complying with any data protection regulations. It will be your responsibility to inform and obtain consent from the owner of the data before providing it to Chili Security.
Chili Security's privacy policy guarantees you the right to access, rectify, eliminate and object to the processing of data by notifying Chili Security via e-mail at:

Chili Security will only process and store necessary information about your network and equipment to provide maintenance and corresponding services for the Chili Security product. To improve its products, Chili Security may periodically collect information from installed Chili Security products about product use, detected malware or potentially unwanted files, and service traffic to improve its databases and heuristics. Chili Security products are not designed to collect or store personal or private information. By using the Chili Security product, you consent to Chili Security's use of the collected information for improving products and services, as well as for analyzing or creating reports, provided that such use does not identify you or contain any information that could be used to identify any individual. Chili Security retains title, ownership, and all rights and interests in intellectual property or work product resulting from its use and analysis of such information.


Anti-theft services.

Chili Security for Android includes an Anti-Theft feature that helps locate and recover lost or stolen devices. To provide this functionality, we use the location permission on the user's phone or device. This permission allows us to track the device's location and activate anti-theft measures, such as locking the device, sounding an alarm, or wiping the device's data.

At Chili Security, we take our users' privacy seriously, and we only collect and use location data for the specific purpose of anti-theft protection. We do not share this information with third parties or use it for any other purpose.


Accessibility for Web Protection services.

Chili Security for Android includes a Web Protection feature that uses Accessibility permissions to detect and block malicious URLs during web browsing. This feature helps keep users safe from online threats such as phishing attacks, malware, and other malicious activities.

We only use the Accessibility permission for the purpose of providing Web Protection, and we do not collect or use any other data from the user's device. At Chili Security, we are committed to protecting our users' privacy and ensuring that our application's permissions are used only for their intended purpose.


Parental Control Services

Chili Security provides parental control services to help you monitor and restrict your children's activity on supported devices. These services are available through the Chili Security product, and you can activate them by creating an account on our web interface known as Chili Security Central.

To activate parental control services, you will need to provide some basic information such as your child's name, age, and sex. This information is used only to identify the device and determine the default level of online protection offered by our product, which can be customized later.

Once activated, Chili Security may collect information about the use of the device, such as visited websites, search engine keywords, used applications and software, phone contacts, and geo-localization information. This data is collected exclusively for the purpose of providing parental control services and is reported only to you, the parent. We do not use children's information for identification or monitor their internet access.

We do not share this information with third parties for marketing purposes or any other information that could lead to identifying your children. As a technical intermediary, Chili Security is not responsible for notifying your children about the installation of this software or how their personal data is processed. Therefore, the responsibility of informing your children lies exclusively with you.

As the Chili Security account owner, you have full responsibility for assuring that you can undertake the surveillance activity legally and that you have the right to know the location and block content or applications on the device. We recommend activating parental control services only on devices used by minors or where you have the legal right to do so based on applicable laws. Any illegal monitoring of online behavior or communications may be a crime, and we do not recommend activating parental control services on devices used by persons who are over 16 years old or in circumstances where use of the parental control services is illegal.


Last updated on 28 April 2023.