Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

This privacy policy regards any service offered by Chili Security.

When you use the services and programs offered by Chili Security, you, the customer, deliver a series of different information including personal data to Chili Security. This data is gathered, registered and processed by Chili Security.

When you use the services and programs offered by Chili Security, you accept this privacy policy, as well as the fact that Chili Security processes the customer's personal data to the extent necessary to deliver the services and programs, the costumer requires. 

Chili Security are obliged to respect the provisions applicable for the processing of personal data, including collection, use, storing, sharing and protection of such data.

How does Chili Security store personal data?

Chili Security will exclusively process personal data in accordance with this privacy policy and Chili Security's general Terms and Conditions.

All personal data is stored safely and in accordance with sufficient securitymeasures. Such securitymeasures are regularly controlled to ensure the rights of the customer.

Why does Chili Security process personal data?

The customer's purchase of services and programs from Chili Security is considered to be an instruction from the customer for Chili Security to process the necessary personal data in order to be able to deliver contractual services and programs.  

The gathered personal data by Chili Security will primarily be used to complete payments for such services and programs.

Chili Security only process personal data for above purposes.

If the customer has given their explicit consent to receive direct marketing including news, offert, etc. from Chili Security, Chili Security will furthermore use the collected information to target the marketing specifically to the customer. 

When the costumer sends an email to, or communicates with Chili Security in any other way, the customer simultaneously grants permission for Chili Security to store such inquiries with the purpose of storing the information as well as improving Chili Security's services. 

Which personal data does Chili Security Process?

In order to complete the payment of services and programs offered by Chili Security, Chili Security collects the customers name (a contact person in the situation, where the customer is a company), address, phone number, email addresses, as well as other contactinformation and credit card information, which is used for invoice. 

When the customer uses Chili Security's website, a number of server log files are registered, which among other things can contain information about IP-addresses, browsertypes, browserlanguage and time and date of the request. This information can be used to identify the customer's browser. 

Who does Chili Security share personal data with?

The personal data about the customer will only be passed on to third parties or subcontractors of services, if it is necessary for Chili Security to offer the required services and programs to the customer. 

The approach to personal data is limited to employees at Chili Security and subcontractors, who - as a part of their terms of employment or delivery of services to Chili Security - has to have access to the personal data in the case in question. All such employees or subcontractors are subject to confidentiality or a data processing agreement. 

What are my rights as a customer?

If a customer wishes to gain insight into the personal data processed by Chili Security, the customer can contact Chili Security via email at

If any personal data is registered falsely, or if the customer has other objections regarding the processing of personal data, the customer can contact Chili Security via email at and ask for the personal data to be corrected, blocked or deleted. 

The customer has the right to access their own personal data processed by Chili Security, as well as the right to ask for a copy of all their personal data, that Chili Security are processing or is going to process. In such cases the customer shall contact Chili Security via email at and request access to, or a copy of, the personal data.

When is the personal data deleted?

When the customer purchases services and programs from Chili Security, Chili Security needs the customer's personal information as documentation, until the service is payed and delivered, just as Chili Security may need to store personal data for tax reasons etc. When there no longer exists a purpose for the processing of the personal data, they will be deleted. 

If the customer is subscribed to Chili Security's newsletter or if the customer has consented to Chili Security's use of the customer's personal data for marketing purposes, the customers personal data will be stored for two years after the customer has stopped using such services. 


Chili Security reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. However, the customer's rights will never be decreased without the customer's prior written consent.


Last updated 22 May 2018.