Chili Cloud

With Chili Cloud you can easily access, share and edit the files on your cloud from your PC, smartphone and tablet.
  • Share files from anywhere
  • Access to data at anytime
  • Works on all devices
EUR 8.00 Per month
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Works on all devices/access your data anywhere

The only thing you need, in order to access your files with Chili Cloud, is the internet. You can access your files via our website or through one of our applications for Windows, macOS, iOS or Android.

Encrypted connection

Chili Cloud utilizes SSL/TLS-encryption. In short, this means that we have considered the security, so you don't have to. The data is encrypted to any third party, avoiding curious eyes on the internet watching what you are doing.

Your data stays in Denmark

With our services, you won't have to worry whether anyone is watching you use the cloud, or whether your data might end up in USA to be used for commercial purposes. Everything you put in your cloud stays in Denmark, and is thereby covered by danish data protection laws.

You choose what to share

We offer fine-meshed sharing options, to make it easy for you to see, what you are sharing - and with whom. Correspondingly, you decide if people should have the ability to see the contents, or be able to edit them as well.

You call and we help!

You can call us 24/7, if you need help with your Chili Cloud. We gladly offer our support with the setup, and we are always ready to answer your questions. We offer support in both Danish and English.