Do you feel safe on the internet?

Do you feel safe in 2019?

The technology is rapidly evolving, and new technology introduces new securitygaps. This means, that new securitygaps inevitably will arise in your operating system. Updates for your operating system does not remove all of the securitygaps, and it is these breaches in the security, hackers take advantage of, when people are the victims of attacks. As these securitygaps are impossible to avoid, all users of the internet will be exposed to attacks. You often hear about hacker attacks in the media, but what significance does it have, if you have never been a victim of such an attack? Our experiences show, that the risks of you having equally malicious programs on your computer are high, even though you haven't yet noticed irrelgularities on your devices. We offer solutions, that grant full protection for your devices, in order for you to explore the internet safely. 


The future appears to hold more viruses 

Internet crimes are rapidly increasing. In 1995, 1% of the world's population had access to the internet. Today, more than 40% of the world's population have access to the internet, and therefore virusses can spread faster and to more computers. The knowledge of computers is broadening, and thus more people have the capability of creating a virus. If we do not make sure to protect ourselves when using the internet, we will be highly at risk in the furute.