Installation guide for Chili Security

How to activate your Chili Security product

  1. Go to the Chili Central at (set language to ENG)
  2. Select Create one if you do not already have an account
  3. Select Activate a subscription
  4. If you already had an account, select My subscriptions in the bar on the left, and click on Activation code
  5. Enter your activation code and press Activate
  6. Your subscription is now activated

NOTICE: You do NOT have to enter the activation code again upon installing on additional devices


How to download Chili Security

  1. Log in to (set language to ENG)
  2. Go to My Devices
  3. Select Install Chili Security under My Devices
  4. Select Protect This Device
  5. A download will start, run this file and the installation will start

IMPORTANT: Remember to make sure that you have a valid subscription on your account


How to install Chili Security

     When the file is run, it will look like this


     Accept the Terms and Conditions and select INSTALL


     The installation has started, and all you have to do is wait


     The installation is now finished and you can select START USING CHILI SECURITY FOR PC


     Select Done



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