What is a Safepay-browser?

Chili Security's Safepay-browser

The last couple of years have shown, that internet fraud has become a huge problem for online shopping. Chili Security's Safepay-browser can be used to protect the customers against online fraud, that aims to steal your user information or money. Safepay protects your online bank transactions, your e-commerce, your passwords and your Wi-Fi-connections. 


Why is Chili Security's Safepay superior to other browsers?

There is a wide array of browsers claiming to protect your netbank and e-commerce. Therefore, it can be hard to choose the correct, safe browser. Chili Security's Safepay is superior, because our browser creates a protected connection, shielded from third party interference.

Compared with other products in the form of browser expansions, Chili Security's Safepay offer maximum protection, as Safepay is not codependent on browsers known to have weaknesses towards a long list of attacks. Our browser is absolutely independent, in order to avoid malware-attacks. The browser blocks add-ons and expansions, which ensures that you are in a closed environment when entering sensitive information. We scan all websites you visit through the cloud, using our awardwinning malware- and phishing-software, to avoid you ending up on an unsafe website. 


Stay connected with a protected private life 

Chili Security's Safepay is a desktop application containing a double encrypted browser, to protect you from hackers. It ensures, that you can access your netbank safely. Furthermore, the browser protects your e-commerce.

When using Chili Security's Safepay, you are protected against the following:

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Spam
  • Fraud on websites
  • Unreliable websites

We've got you covered 

Chili Security's Safepay is a powerful browser, containing self-protecting technology to avoid unwanted changes to your computerfiles and processes. By using various methods, thieves on the internet have ample opportunity to gain access to your important information, such as bankaccounts and personal data. To ensure that our customers will not become victims of internet fraud, we, at Chili Security, have chosen to include the browser in our solutions. 


Safe netbank and e-commerce

We utilize modern cloud technology to stop new types of fraud, phishing and virusses. Safepay moniters online transactions to preserve a safe and protected online experience. Furthermore, Chili Security's Safepay investigates all the sites you visit for malware and phising attempts. 


The handling of passwords keeps your login information safe

Safepay helps you onlineshop by remembering your private information, so you won't have to get your credit card out every time you wish to purchase a product online. This increases the security of your online shopping. You can also save your regular login information for websites and WI-FI networks. Browsing the internet is now even safer with Chili Security's Safepay.


Use the virtual keyboard

You can use Chili Security's Safepay to protect your experience on the internet. To ensure, that your sensitive information is unaccesible by others, you must use the virtual keyboard. This ensures, that others can't save what you are entering on your computer. 


Keeps you protected on unsafe Wi-Fi connections

Do you connect to Wi-Fi at home, on a café or at the airport? Chili Security's Safepay protects your network from unwanted access, and Safepay also ensures, that your information arrives safely.


Protects your personal information

Keyloggers are unwanted programs, that save everything you enter. Chili Security's Safepay discovers, blocks and offers protection against keyloggers, as well as captures images automatically. 


We let you know, if a website is safe!

Upon accessing a website where you have to pay, you will be encouraged to utilize Chili Security's Safepay. Our notifications regarding this work on Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer. You are now able tp access your netbank, shop and browse the internet safely, every single time.