Protect your privacy online

It is immensely important to guard your identity, when moving through the internet. One of the most unpleasant things, that can occur to you on the internet, is to have your identity abused. According to the police, this happens to about 34.000 Danes every year. Luckily, you can do a lot to minimize the risk of becoming the victim of identity theft. 

Firstly, you should investigate, what specific information you are sharing publicly on the internet via especially your user profiles on social media. Set you privacy settings after your personal needs, but remember, that the more you openly share with the rest of the world, the easier a target you are to abusal of these specific details about you. 

Apart from privacy settings, it is important, that you have an antivirus program and a firewall installed. This way, you can protect yourself against the attacks that might come directly towards your computer, for example via your email program, and not just what can be abused from you online profiles on social media. If you have kids, you should consider their protection on the internet, for example by using filters or implementing parental control. You should not worry, if you do not feel educated in antivirus, firewalls, netbank-protection, parental control, etc. For the majority of people, IT-security is a very new world. This is why our security experts are ready to guide you on the right path in regard to anything computer- or internet-security. 

At Chili Security, we guard our customers' safety and identity online. We help our customers with everything in regard to IT and security, from optimization of a slow computer to updating java, netbank protection and much more. Our solutions range widely and our prices depend on the extent of your needs, starting from only DKK 39 per month. We even offer free trials, so that everyone have the possibility of getting started improving their security on the internet. If you want to do more to improve your safety, feel free to contact us to hear more about options, and what we can do to cover your specific needs. Our phone number is +45 70 60 50 41.