Protect yourself against spam

Are you bothered by spammail, or do you seek help with how to best avoid spam, you can always call Chili Security and ask about your options. If you have formerly experienced receiving a lot of spammail, your computer might quite likely be infected with some type of malware, which can slow it down. If you wish to be absolutely sure, we can offer a complete security check of your PC, where you will get an optimization of the speed and performance of the computer, as well as have any securityrisks, that you might have obtained, removed. 

Chili Security can help you ensure, that you won't get hit by virus, that might, for example, attack your emailing program. Furthermore, our products can keep an eye on the danger signals for you, so you never have to worry, whether you might have opened a dangerous email or clicked on a malicious link, and thereby obtained an infection on your computer. Our systems scan your devices and help you fight the problems, should they arise. You can have absolute peace of mind, if you choose to subscribe to one of our solutions. We offer everything from single products at DKK 39 per month to complete solutions at DKK 149 per month. 

Handle spam safely

  • Avoid opening emails, if you can tell from the sender or the subjectline, that it might be spam.
  • If you have opened the email anyway, delete the mail as your next step. 
  • Never forward emails, you suspect to be spam. 
  • Do not answer emails, you suspect to be spam. Have you received a suspicious email from something like your bank, find their phone number via their website and call and ask, whether eveything is right.
  • Never open attached documents in an email, you suspect to be spam. 
  • Never click on links in emails, you suspect to be spam. If there are malicious links attached, you might risk starting a download of harmful programs to your computer if you click on them. 


It is important to stress, that with regard to IT-security, there are no stupid questions. It is, in all cases, better to ask one time too many, than to end up with an infected computer. Call us on +45 70 60 50 41, if you have doubts about anything what so ever.