Protect yourself with a good password

A good place to start, when it comes to computer- and internet security, is with your passwords. It is immensely important to use good and safe passwords, as your passwords protect all your private information. If you use safe passwords around the internet, it can be compared to locking the door to your house or appartment. It is the first and most basic way to keep intruders out. You have to be aware, though, of the fact that intruders still might be able to find other ways in, if you don't ensure that you have other areas of your IT-security covered. Might you have a (security-)window open somewhere, that you are not aware of? 

Below, we have gathered a list of good advice for taking the first small step towards better IT-security - by ensuring, that you are using good, strong and safe passwords across the sites and devices, you are exploring. Furthermore, you can choose to do even more to improve your security, by for example installing an antivirus program. At Chili Security we offer a long line of security solutions, with award winning antivirus technology, starting from as little as DKK 39 per month. 

Chili Security's good advice for safe passwords

  • Mix numbers, signs and letters in your passwords.
  • Create long passwords. As a rule of thumb, passwords should be a minimum of 8 digits long. 
  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Feel free to use so-called "password-sentences" (read more about password-sentences below).
  • Do not use names of people or places, that can be related to you, such as your children's names or the name of your pet. 
  • Do not use simple combinations of numbers, such as "123456". 
  • Do not use words taken directly from the dictionary, as they are more vulnerable to hacker attacks.
  • Do not use personal information such as your birthday, the street you live on or any other information, that can be obtained through searching on the internet.
  • Do not use the same password in several different places. As an absolute minimum, you should have different safe passwords for your netbank, your email account and your Facebook-account.
  • Do not use the same passwords privately as on your workplace. The IT-security on your workplace is not necessarily free of errors, and your passwords from there might therefore possibly be revealed in connection with an IT-attack on the company.


At Chili Security we aim to improve our customers' internet security. Therefore, we can guide you in everything from how to make sure you have safe passwords, to what to do in case of virus on your computer. Do you want help with changing your passwords, or is there anything, you have doubts about regarding your internet security, you can call and ask us at Chili Security at all times. Our security experts are ready to help you on +45 70 60 50 41. 

Improve your security with a password-sentence
Password-sentences are close to being the safest form of password, you can use, where you remain capable of remembering it. Start with a sentence you are able to remember, and then use the first letter of each word to create a password. This could be "Forrest Gump from 1994 is and remains my favorite movie". The first letters create the following: FGf1994iarmfm. Add some signs, and you will be left with a good, strong password such as: FG_f_1994_i_a_r_m_f_m!.