How to Remove the Windows Client?

Removing the Windows Client

To remove the Chili Cloud Desktop client and all of its data completely, do the following:


Uninstalling the Desktop Client


   1. In Windows Control Panelopen Programs and Features.

   2. Select the Chili Cloud Client and click Uninstall.

   3. Follow the prompts until the process finishes.

Note: This process is irreversible. If you want to use the Desktop client again, you will have to reinstall it.
It is recommended to choose a new, empty sync folder after a reinstall. Removing the Desktop client and reinstalling it, while keeping the same sync folder, could end up with a full set of duplicated files because on startup, the Desktop client will download all the files that you have stored on the server.


Removing All the Remaining Data


   1. Navigate to your Chili Cloud Desktop Client Program Data. By default this is C:\ProgramData\Acronis\.

   2. Delete the folder named Chili Cloud Client.



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